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4 Evidence Based Tips for Better Sleep

If you work online all day, this is relevant to you. Sleep is a necessity that the technology age has made very difficult.

Working online all day and then relaxing with a screen in our faces is the absolute norm. However, many suffer from insomnia due to all this artificial light. Here are some science based tools that ACTUALLY help the working woman/man get those necessary ZZzz’s to take on their day!

1. Invest in a Blue Light Blocking Phone Screen Protector. If you can’t get off your phone even after office hours: this life hack is a saviour.

2. 60-90 minutes of waking up go outside for 2 minutes minimum. When our retina sees sunlight in the morning there is an internal clock that sets in that will start making you tired in the next 12 hours.

3. When the sun starts setting (around 3pm to 6pm). Go outside for another two minutes. Our body recognizes sunset as a internal means to start calming down.(Source: @hubermanlab)

4. Avoid having any bright lights on in the evening. Salt lamps, candles, & dim yellow lights are a great source of light without over stimulating our retinas.

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